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paul mcnamara


Comrade Legionnaires, now that the holidays are over and everyone has back slid on their New Year’s resolutions, myself included, I’m wondering if you would consider reinstating or perhaps adopting a new one albeit a little late.  And that is to be more involved with the Post this year.

As you know, we have a lot of members, but sadly it is a relatively small cadre that does most of the work.  Now, I’m not asking you to consider this to simply lighten the work load.  I’m asking because I think you are missing out on one of the best aspects and benefits of being a member of the Legion, and that is the fellowship it provides when we work on an event together.  I think the feeling of satisfaction one feels doing something for the greater good with your comrades is often understated.  And the best thing about this is that it is not that long.  It is simply helping out for a few hours every once in a while.  Even coming to a meeting which are under an hour is a worthwhile event.  When you hear what is going on you feel proud to have served and be part of this great organization.  So, I’m challenging you to sign up for just one thing this year that you have done in years past.  Thank you.  You won’t regret it.

Finally, I want to end by saying thank you for your service.  When our country called, you answered. See you at the Post.

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