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bill stintsman


As Bill Stintsman mentioned in his last post, the question of who will be our next Adjutant has been on everyone's mind. I’m excited to announce that I, Cody York, will be stepping into this role. I look forward to serving you and the post, and I have several plans in motion to bring more events and activities to our post.

One event I'm excited to reintroduce is the post dinners. These dinners will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month, unless a rental takes priority. Mark your calendars for the next dinner on June 29, 2024. It's a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a great meal and connect with fellow post members and guests.

Additionally, we have breakfast every Sunday. I encourage everyone to come out, enjoy the food, and support our post.

I look forward to serving growing alongside each of you and making our post even better as your new Adjutant.

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