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keith bell


We are off to a good start for 2024 year.  I want to thank all that have attended the Special Order of Business to accept our new Constitution & Bylaws and the first breakfast.

As we all know 2024 membership is due, we are at 64.84%.  We have members past due.  Members not paid are on grace and the end of March will need Squadron vote to be reinstated for membership.

February 11th will be a busy day.  We will be serving breakfast on the patio due to 22nd District Meeting in hall.  Proceeds from the breakfast go to the Child Welfare Foundation.  There is also a 50/50 drawing with the pot currently at $300.00 and a Wine Basket.  Tickets are available at the bar or contact me (440)669-2415.  Squadron 149 will have an opportunity drawing during the Super Bowl starting at 3:30 PM.  Drawing entry is $20.00 and will pay at every score.  Contact one of the officers.  The Post will be having a Potluck for Super Bowl with the sign-up sheet at bar.  Hope to see you at the event.

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